About Deposit Advance

Deposit advance is a product where members with the ability to pay/service a loan but have not saved enough deposits to qualify for one, can access the facility from DUDU in form of an advance which is eventually offset from the loan taken.


  • The minimum period for a member to qualify for the facility shall apply as per the Sacco by-laws.
  • Members can only access a second deposit advance facility upon repaying the first loan in its totality.
  • Members can only be advanced a top-up of up to 50% of their deposits.
  • The facility shall attract a onetime 5% charge on the amount advanced.
  • Maximum amount to be advanced is Ksh. 150,000.00 and will only be granted to a member who is taking a loan.
  • The deposits boosted shall earn interest on pro-rata basis as the rest of the deposits.
  • An official form will be completed by a member who wants the facility.
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